On 25th June 2017, the Bourn Ballet School Summer Show took place at Comberton Village College.  It was a great success due to all the hard work put in by everyone involved.

November-December 2016  – We began planning and choreography.

January- March 2017 – The children worked really hard to learn lots of new dances, and as parents decided whether they could commit to their children taking part or not, the complicated rehearsal schedule was organised.

April-May 2017 – Rehearsals. Most children came to at least one extra rehearsal a week throughout the summer term. Choreography was finalised and costumes were sourced and ordered: tutus, fairy wings, skirts, ribbons, tambourines, the lot!


June 2017 – Final rehearsals, everyone came together at Bourn Village Hall to learn the finale, and then again, on stage at Comberton Village College.  Tickets and programmes were printed. Costumes were handed out to everyone. The technicians who looked after the sound, lighting were briefed.  The hugely important backstage helper crew was signed up.



And finally, on 25th June – the show happened.  Everyone was at CVC at 10am.  Hair was tied up and multiple cans of hairspray used, make-up was done for the older girls, costumes were laid out in the dressing room.  Dress / tech rehearsals in the morning, then after a lunch break where many stayed and had a picnic with their families on the grass outside the performance hall, everyone came back for the first performance. The curtain rose at 2.30pm. Everything went so well!  The backstage team got everything working like clockwork. Children went home for an hour or so and then returned for the second performance at 6pm.
 It was a long, tiring day, but a fantastic day we’ll never forget!

Here are some quotes from emails, Facebook messages and cards received afterwards:

“Just a quick well done for a great show and a really fun day for Abi – she loved it all. To think about doing a show is one thing but to have the energy and drive to realise what was achieved yesterday is brilliant.”

“Thank you for the recital: it was a great plan, brilliantly done from start to finish.”

“Very proud of all the hard work put in to make this show all the girls and boy were brilliant “

“Thank you for all your hard work during last few months. We are very proud of all the girls and their amazing performance. It was a pleasure to watch. “

“Just a quick note from me to say a huge thank you for everything you have done for Emma relating to the performance and more broadly this year. I really appreciate your working with her and being so accommodating with rehearsal times etc;… …  it all seemed to run very smoothly from my perspective and I know how much work was put in to achieve this! Emma really loved performing; thank you very much.”