Oonagh Phelan trained to teach the Progressing Ballet Technique programme – PBT – in spring 2017 and is excited to introduce the programme to Cambridgeshire.  The first PBT class is to be on Mondays at 5.45 until 6.45pm at Little Gransden Village Hall, and will be for children aged 9 and above, studying ballet at grade 2-3 and above.  

The class is not a traditional ballet class at all – it does not adhere to the RAD or ISTD or any other ballet syllabus, but teaches exercises which enhance a traditional ballet training. PBT teaches students how to engage the right muscles in order to dance safely and correctly. Before long you will see huge improvements in alignment, stability, strength, posture, turnout, control and balance.  And…. it’s fun!

Students will need their own exercise ball, probably 45-55cm in diameter depending on how tall they are.  They also need a yoga mat.  Oonagh can obtain these items for you if you wish, at a one-off fee of £15 for both.  If you arrive 5-10 minutes early, students can inflate their ball before class using Oonagh’s electric pump.  (This will save parents having to transport the inflated ball in the car!) However, practise at home is very much encouraged, so getting a small hand pump for the children to use at home is advisable.

Students should wear a leotard over footless tights or cycling shorts or knee length leggings.  They will have bare feet.

The cost is £6 per class payable termly (after an initial free trial class).  Students taking more than one regular class at Bourn Ballet School get a 10% discount on the term’s fees.