Lots of pictures of our Summer Show 2017 (other than those on the ‘Show’ page).

The blue and white tutus were worn by the Grade 2 class, dancing to the Pizzicato Polka:

Here are some pictures of our Pre-Primary Class, July ’16:

20160709-_00C2726   20160709-_00C2724 20160709-_00C2722

And here are some of the Primary Exam class, July ’15.

Eloise Primary July 16     Elsie 2 Primary July '16 Sadie Primary July 16

Sophia, Primary, July '16 Martha, Primary, July 16

Ava July '16     Sadie and Evie, Primary, Juy '16Martha Pri skipping July '16 Evie, Primary, July '16 Jessica skipping July '16

Here are some pictures of the Grade 1 class, July ’16. (Scroll down and you’ll see several of these girls when they were younger – Pre-primary Spring ’14. Quite a difference now!)

Kimberly, Gr 1, July '16  Evie, Gr 1, July '16   Emma curtsy July 16 Gr 1 class couronne, July '16  Abbie, Gr 1, July '16 Abbie and Evie, Hornpipe July '16 20160709-_00C2734

And the Grade 2 class, July ’16

Gr 2 (1) July '16 Gr 2 (2) July '16

Annabel July '16 Martha attitude July '16 Gr 2 (3) July '16


Here are some pictures taken at our Primary and Grade 1 classes in May 2015. Pri Foot Stretches May 15Pri Sailing Boats May '15Pri step and lift May '15Grade 1 class May '15Saute! Gr 1 May '15

Gr 1 class, 3rd at barre, May '15Gr 1 tendu en avant, May '15Gr 1 grand batt en arriere May '15Gr 1 Retire May '15 croppedGr 1 May '15 start of blackberries cropped


Congratulations to Caitlin, Molly, Carla and Sophie, who took their ISTD Primary Grade exam on 5th July 2014.

Caitlin and Molly Exam day 1Carla and Sophie, exam day degageCarla and Sophie exam day 3

And here are some pictures of the Pre-primary class in Spring ’14.DSC_5967     TenduDSC_5954    Rock a bye baby  Harry     DSC_6025