£6.00 per class – 45 minute classes (Primary to Grade 2, for those in years 1-3 at school)
    £6.25 per class – 1 hour classes (Grade 2 ‘exam’, Grade 3 and above, for those in years 4 and above in school)
    £5.50 per class – 35-40 minute classes (for those in Reception at school)

CLASS SIZES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED: 10 children per class at Bourn Village Hall,  and 12 children per class at Little Gransden Village Hall.

Fees are payable termly.  In the past I have invoiced before the start of term, and fees were payable by the 3rd week of term.

However, we now have an online registration system via Class4Kids.  

  • Parents must register their children for the coming term, by the end of the previous term.
  • Payment should be made 2 weeks before the start of term.  

We request half a term’s notice of leaving, or half a term’s fees in lieu.

Further exam entrance fees will apply approximately once every 2 years. Exams are not compulsory, but highly recommended. Everyone will work to achieve the standard required to enter the exams, and then move on to the next grade, whether they actually take the exam or not.

There is a fee to take part in a school show, covering the cost of several extra rehearsals and the performance day. The school tries to keep costume costs to a minimum.