Spring term 2018

Begins Saturday 6th / Monday 8th January, and ends Saturday 24th / Monday 26th March.

Saturday classes will be at Comberton Village College Dance Studio, on 6th January, 10th February and 24th March. All others will be at Bourn Village Hall.  Monday classes will all be at Little Gransden Village Hall.

Half term break will be Monday 12th / Saturday 17th February.

Exams will be taking place on Sunday 18th March (Primary exams for Saturday class and Monday 5.10pm class, and Grade 3 class).


SUMMER TERM 2018 will commence on Saturday 21st / Monday 23rd April.

Further exams will be taking place in late June (Primary class Monday at 3.45pm, and Grade 1 and Grade 2.)

Our next show will take place in the summer of 2019.